A New Chairman for the Society
April 15, 2021

Due to personal reasons, the Chairman of the Society, Neil Mantle, has decided to step down from the position as the 2021 AGM.  The Council of the Society has agreed that Vice-Chairman, Stuart Freed, will become the acting Chairman until elections can be held at the 2022 AGM.  The 2021 AGM will be invited to endorse this proposal. Stuart is a long standing member of the Council and Executive, in his role as Vice-Chairman of the Society and prior to this as Chairman of the Southern Branch.  

On accepting the acting chairmanship, Stuart paid tribute to the outgoing Chairman, saying, “I feel sure that I speak for the entire society when I say that in his two years as Chairman, Neil has led the Society through what has proved to be its most challenging period, bringing to the role vast performing expertise and the lightest of touches when chairing both Council and Executive meetings.  He will be greatly missed.”