Other Projects Application

Notes for applicants…

The ‘Other Projects’ form should be completed when applying for funds that do not support a performance of Elgar’s music, such as recording projects.

Applicants should use this form when applying for funds. All other correspondence should be addressed to Mr Roger Allen by e-mail to applications@elgarsociety.org .The Elgar Society has many calls upon its finances. These come in various forms, some of which are regular annual outgoings e.g. the provision of the Society’s News and Journal; others are the result of suggestions and ideas that are brought through the membership or from outside organisations. In order to ensure that proposals for funding of new projects are given due consideration, the following criteria must be satisfied.

All activities should primarily be focused upon the Society’s agreed objectives of:

1. Increasing membership of the Society.
2. Raising money and capacity in support of our activities.
3. Demonstrably add to the funding and encouragement of performances and recordings of Elgar’s works.
4. Increase access to the Elgar oeuvre.

When applying for funds, applicants should clearly indicate which of the above objectives the proposal covers. Furthermore, the proposal should state what specific success indicators will measure the success of the project. See “Smart targets”.

Please note, the Society does not offer financial support to individuals for musical or academic education.

The Society will usually only fund up to 50% of the cost of any event or project. If you have not yet raised 50% you may still apply, but any grant from the Society will be contingent upon your raising the balance from other sources.

The Society’s Council usually meets three times a year, and its Executive more regularly. The Executive can award grants under existing policy or under its Elgar in Performance scheme, which has its own application form.

Any changes in the details of your event or project must be notified to the Society immediately and, particularly in the case of changes in repertoire, may result in a grant being withdrawn or modified.

Budget information should be updated as circumstances change, for instance as applications to other grant makers are approved or rejected. If you are applying for a single event within a series or festival you must supply the budget for the single event rather than the series.

If you are commissioning a new work, the Society will not consider your application unless there is at least one further performance guaranteed after the première.


SMART Targets

This acronym is designed to ensure that targets are outcome based and measurable.


A proposal to produce leaflets for distribution is not specific. A proposal to produce 1,000 leaflets for distribution at a RFH concert in order to attract 30 new members to the Society is specific.


A proposal must recognise when its objectives have been achieved. “Leaflets distributed” is not a measure. “22 new members attracted as a result of 1,000 leaflets distributed to audience members at RFH” is a measure.Achievable


Is the task possible and agreed by all of those responsible?  This must consider budgets, manpower, time frames, specific objectives etc.


When should the task be completed? Or how often should it be done? If a task is long-term/ongoing, have you built in review dates and interim performance indicators?

Funding of Projects Application Form

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Please add a brief history of the organisation applying for a grant together with an up-to-date list of the members of the governing body.
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If you are not applying on behalf of an organisation please attach a CV outlining any experience relevant to this application
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You may be required to submit audited accounts for your organisation and the budget for your current year.
**For applications for recording projects only.** Such applications should come form recording companies or in the case of privately made recordings where a recording company is engaged only to manufacture and/or distribute but takes no financial risk.
Grants will generally be made on release of a recording.
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You may send additional files to support your application to otherprojects@elgarsociety.org.
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