The Friends of Edward Elgar in Germany (Elgar Freundeskreis Deutschland).

The Elgar Society does not run a German Branch.  However, the Elgar Freundeskreis Deutschland is an affiliate of the Society and is organised by one of our most enthusiastic Elgar Society members, Wolfgang Armin-Rittmeier. He maintains a website for anyone in Germany interested in finding out more about Elgar. The website features an online newsletter called Mr Phoebus, which contains news, reviews of recent CD’s and concerts. Daniel Barenboim and Sir Peter Jonas have agreed to become patrons of the Freundeskreis.

Wolfgang would be delighted to receive any questions, whether in German or English. German speakers may wish to subscribe to the Mr Pheobus, which is available free on line.

To view the Elgar Freundeskreis Deutschland website click the link below.

Elgar Freundeskreis Deutschland