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By selecting any file listed below, a detailed programme note can be displayed for that work. It is hoped that these articles will be of use to programme builders, those writing articles for concert programmes and casual readers alike. The Elgar Society is happy to give permission to reproduce any of the material contained here, but would request acknowledgement.


Arthur – Synopsis

Beau Brummel


Cello Concerto in E minor, op 85

Cello Concerto. Jacqueline du Pre. The concerto’s consummate interpreter

Cello Concerto. Suggested Reading

Cello Concerto. The Concerto Onstage

Cello Concerto. What Next

Chansons de Matin et de Nuit

Cockaigne (In London Town), op 40

Coronation March, Op 65, Imperial March, Op 32, Empire March

Coronation Ode, op 44

Crown of India, op 66

Dream Children, Op 43

Elegy for Strings, op 58

Elgarian Birthdays

Elgar at Play

Elgar-Payne Symphony No3. An Introduction by Anthony Payne

Elgar-Payne Symphony No 3. Michael Kennedy reviews the CD

Elgar-Payne Symphony No3. A Justification by Colin Matthews

Falstaff, Op 68

First World War Music

Fringes of the Fleet

Froissart, op.19

Grania and Diarmid, op 42

From The Bavarian Highlands, op 27

In the South. Concert Overture, Op.50

Introduction and Allegro

King Olaf (Scenes from the Saga of), op. 30

Music written for piano and violin

Music written for two flutes etc

Nursery Suite

Orchestral Arrangements and Transcriptions

Part-Songs 1889-1909

Part-Songs 1914-1932

Piano Concerto. The History.

Piano Concerto. Recordings.

Piano Concerto. The Realisation.

Piano Concerto.

Piano Quintet in A minor, op 84.

Polonia, op 76.

Pomp and Circumstance Marches Nos 1-5, Op 39

Pomp and Circumstance. Elgar’s own recordings.

Pomp and Circumstance. An Introduction.

Pomp and Circumstance. Penning the words of Land of Hope and Glory.

Pomp and Circumstance. Why Americans Graduate to Elgar.

Pomp and Circumstance. Elgar’s other marches.

Religious works for chorus.

Salut d’amour & Mot d’amour.

Serenade for Strings in E minor

Sea Pictures

Severn Suite

Sir Edward Elgar. Family Tree

Sospiri, op 70

String Quartet in E minor, op 83.

Sursum Corda

Symphony No 1 in A flat major, op 55

Symphony No 2 in E flat major, op 63

Symphony No 2. A Commentary by Ian Lace

Symphony No 3

The Apostles, op 49

The Banner of St George, op 33

The Big Draw. Elgar the Cartoonist

The Black Knight

The Dream of Gerontius.

The Dream of Gerontius. The Recorded Legacy.

The Dream of Gerontius. The Libretto.

The Dream of Gerontius. The Best of Me.

The Dream of Gerontius. How the Elgar Society can help.

The Dream of Gerontius. Composition of the Work.

The Dream of Gerontius. A Musical Analysis.

The Elgar Trail. A Short Illustrated Tour of Elgar’s Houses.

The Music Makers, op 69.

The Kingdom, Op 51

The Light of Life (Lux Christi), op 29.

The Sanguine Fan, op 81.

The Spanish Lady

The Spirit of England, op 80.

The Starlight Express, op 78.

Variations On An Original Theme.

Violin Concerto in B Minor, op 61.

Various Short Pieces Written for Small Orchestra.

Various Short Pieces Written for Solo Piano.

Violin Sonata in E Minor, op 82.

Wand of Youth. Suites Nos 1 & 2, op 1a & 1b

Works Composed or Arranged for Church Organ.

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